Book Review: Under a Broken Sky

Under a Broken Sky (Emma Lawson #2)Under a Broken Sky by Kris Calvin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't think I could have endured all the scares and thrills that Emma Lawson withstood in this book, so let's hear it for strong female protagonists!

Superb pacing; the short chapters, each ending at precisely the right spot, kept me turning pages, anxious to discover what happens next.

And who doesn't love a story with a dog (actually, there were two...)?

I almost couldn't get enough of the supporting cast - even the retired landlady, who listened to the Brother Cadfael series on audio with one of the dogs.

Even though this was Book 2, I don't feel I lost anything in reading the series out of order. Book 1 has been ordered already.

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